Our society is increasingly becoming mindful of the harm that its activities can cause people and the environment.

It is incessantly anxious about the loss of quality of life due to environmental degradation.

The term sustainable development or intergenerational development, that is, providing for the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, has become the latest buzz words.

Communities know that the environmental and economic health, habitability, and resilience of their neighborhood do not happen by chance. In fact, they need to participate actively in the assessment of their current state of sustainability; set timely performance goals; formulate, evaluate, and rank appropriate measures; get the critical support from government, private companies, and civil society organizations; and implement action plans.

Businesses understand that adherence to environmental laws and regulations as well as operating to the highest environmental standards are indispensable to maintaining competitiveness and profit generating ability.

A new attitude toward doing things to preserve mother earth and to provide for the present and future generations has evolved and is still gathering momentum.

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