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BMP’s Clients:

• Private companies engaged in land development, mining, mineral processing, explosives production, cement manufacture, power generation, and waste management

• Government agencies for environment and natural resources and disaster risk reduction and management and

• International development agencies.

Mining and Mineral Processing

○  Anvil Mining, Ltd.

○  Carrascal Nickel Corp.

○  Cliff Natural Resources Pty. Ltd.

○  Concrete Aggregates Corp.

○  Coral Bay Nickel Corp.

○  CREDO, Inc.

○  Dizon Copper-Silver Mines, Inc.

○  ElDore Mining Corp.

○  Far Southeast Gold Resources, Inc.

○  Filminera Resources Corp.

○  Geogen Corp.

○  Greenstone Resources Corp.

○  Ipilan Nickel Corp.

○  JFE Shoji Trade Philippines, Inc.

○  Macroasia Corp.

○  Marcventures Mining & Development Corp.

○  Nationwide Development Corp.

○  Philex Mining Corp.

○  Phil. Gold Processing & Refining Corp.

○  Platinum Group Metals Corp.

○  QNI Philippines, Inc.

○  Rapu-Rapu Minerals, Inc.

○  Rapu-Rapu Processing, Inc.

○  Rio Tuba Nickel Corp.

○  Sagittarius Mines, Inc.

○  Samar Nickel Mining Resources

○  Taganito HPAL Nickel Corp.

○  Taganito Mining Corp.

○  VIBA Aggregates & Marketing

○  Western Mining Corp.

Land Development

○  Belle Corp.

○  Lexmark International, Inc.

○  Oakridge Properties, Inc.

Cement Manufacture

○  Holcim Philippines, Inc.

○  Northern Cement Corp.

Explosives Manufacture

○  Orica Nitrates Philippines, Inc.


○  Marubeni Corp.

○  San Roque Power Corp.

Waste Management

○  Greenline Onyx


○  Mines and Geosciences Bureau Caraga Regional Office

International Development Agency

○  International Finance Corp.

○  World Bank